What is ONLICARpass™?

ONLICARpass™ is a tamper-proof digital service that certifies the condition of a vehicle. By utilising the ONLI-brain™ system, it can digitise the condition of any vehicle that is connected into a single number. The history of every vehicle is kept secure using ONLI-secureblock™. Not only does it capture the vehicle’s usage and servicing and repairs history, but it is the only report to guarantee the mileage of a vehicle.  We are so confident in the provenance that it gives, that it comes with a built-in warranty and breakdown cover for that extra peace-of-mind.



What does ONLICARpass™ offer?

  • One page report with all the key information including a single health score.
  • True vehicle provenance to provide extra peace-of-mind.
  • Complete history check of a vehicle including outstanding finance, criminal history, plate changes, or being written off.
  • Recommended maintenance and repairs to increase the health score.
  • Built in warranties and breakdown cover.
  • Common breakdown reasons.
  • Common MOT failures.
  • Estimated running costs.

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