ONLI-brain™ is the Health Management System that is powered by our patent-protected powerful algorithms. It uses real vehicle engine information via our device which feeds into complex algorithms that analyse the entire data history to provide a health score for vehicles. Driving information, service and maintenance schedules and diagnostic trouble codes are amalgamated into a single value. With remote diagnostic capabilities and predictive engine component failures, it automates the repair and maintenance process to reduce down-time. The use of Machine Learning and Artifical Intelligence means that the system becomes smarter day-by-day and vehicle-by-vehicle.



ONLI-secureblock™ is our patented data storage system that provides unparalleled cyber security and and untamperable, protected data solution. All vehicle data that is collected by the platform is immediately lodged with the respective vehicle in the data warehouse. Any discrepancy in data from its previous set is alerted. This means that it offers true provenance. We incorporate bank grade encryption into our devices and de-centralised blockchain technology into our cloud, making it virtually impossible to tamper with our records.