What is ONLICARfleet™?

ONLICARfleet™ is the next generation of fleet telematics and has been designed for the commercial fleet owners that want to add business intelligence to one of their most valuable assets. By coupling Formula 1 grade data simulation techniques with the latest in machine learning algorithms, it provides advanced predictive analytics for fleets. Powerful data mining and mathematical modelling allows the fleet owner to benchmark, monitor vehicle health, improve performance and drive down operating costs. With financial APIs into service and maintenance databases, cost information is fully integrated allowing future planning of resources and reducing vehicle down-time, making a real difference to the bottom line of your business.

What does ONLICARfleet™ offer?

  • Utilisation analysis of fleets across make, model, usage, geographical areas and many other parameters.
  • Vehicle condition information that is powered By our Onlicar Health Management (OHM).
  • Automated servicing and maintenance scheduling using accurate mileage records
  • Servicing costs and market comparison repair quotes using financial APIs.
  • Prediction of breakdown events to reduce down-time of vehicles.

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