What is ONLICARvizion360™?

Onlicar-vizion360 uses the latest technology to ensure that the most accurate inspections are carried on your vehicles.

Current paper-based vehicle inspection checklists are laborious and inefficient in capturing the true condition of the vehicles and planning required repairs and maintenance. Poor handwriting, inattention to detail and the subjective interpretation are just some of the factors that can lead to important damages being overlooked or recorded incorrectly, which in turn can risk driver safety and incur fines.

Vehicles that are regularly inspected are much less likely to develop defects, so money is saved on both costly repairs and on fixed penalties if they do not conform to road legislation.

Onlicar-vizion360 performs important vehicle inspection without the need for paper or an opinion of a surveyor. By saving these inspections against logged GPS locations and across a period of time, key repairs can be undertaken in a timely fashion to ensure road safety and compliance with the police.


What does ONLICARvizion360™ offer?

The vehicle inspection has 3 key aspects:

  • Road Safety - highlights defects and damages and their effect on drivability.
  • Repair Schedule - deeper insight into the repairs and maintenance required to ensure roadworthiness is achieved.
  • Return Condition - an objective report of the vehicle condition upon its return to the owner.

Onilcar-vizion360 reveals all the vehicles that require an up-to-date inspection and those that have failed an inspection. It also helps to ensure that maintenance and service providers are performing the correct work and to the standard required. By providing all of these features, it is perfectly suited to take over your vehicle inspection procedures, but if you have any special requirements, then we can customise it to suit your needs and reporting requirements.


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